The facilities at Turntable are not barrier-free. You can arrive using public transport (train, bus, tram) or, for example, by taxi. There is a walk from the public transport stops to the party space (about 750 meters from Pasila station, about 550 meters from Teollisuuskatu bus stop), along which there are train tracks embedded in the asphalt and the terrain is paved, but uneven. You can take a taxi directly to Turntable, ask for Pasilan vanhat veturitallit.

The place is a greenhouse surrounded by a terrace. To get to the terrace and the greenhouse, you have to cross a high threshold (about 15 cm). To overcome this, it is possible to use on-site boards that can be used to make a DIY ramp. There is a dry toilet at the premises, which is about 70 meters away on foot from the greenhouse. The terrain along the walk is uneven and unpaved gravel. Along the way, there is also a barrier preventing the passage of cars, which cannot be moved. The barrier is often open, if it is closed you must go round it, under it or over it. Inside Mall of Tripla, on the ground level, near the Veturitie entrance there is an accessible toilet. (Distance from the Turntable 350 meters.)

Inside the greenhouse there is a long wooden table and wooden benches. With the furniture in place, there is not much room to move around inside the greenhouse. Entrance is possible from both ends of the greenhouse, where there are double doors (width when fully opened approx. 160cm, no threshold). There is also a variety of live plants inside the greenhouse. The floor of the greenhouse is an uneven wooden plank floor.

The terrace has various wooden tables, chairs and benches. Depending on the event, there are tarps above the terrace that partially protect from the sun or rain. The greenhouse terrace is uneven and has a wooden plank floor.

There are 8 steps down to the cultivation area behind the greenhouse, in the south end and a steep ladder next to the red hut in the northern end.

Event organizers have access to the kitchen on the G-stair of the warehouse building, which is located at street level. The entrance is 170 cm wide and has one step and a 4 cm high threshold.