You can come along and take part as a volunteer in the activities of Turntable community garden. Over the course of the season, there are many different tasks available, from gardeners to beekeepers, from event decorators to technicians and other volunteers. Find the most interesting thing and decide for yourself how often you want to participate. No prior knowledge is needed, we advise you on what you need to know. Peer learning is at the core of our operations.

As a Turntable volunteer, you have the opportunity to:

  • Learn a lot of new things, and share your own knowledge, e.g., about gardening, urban farming, nutrient recycling, etc.
  • Be part of the warm Turntable community and get to know other like minded people
  • Get your own delicious part of the harvest
  • Gain experience in event production and urban culture
  • Volunteers can get a volunteering work certificate if they want

Gardener shifts at Turntable

Weekly responsibility at Turntable usually means watering the plants, fertilizing if necessary, weeding and monitoring the general condition of the plants. Depending on the weather, there should be about 2-3 visits to Pasila’s garden per week and you can book as many shifts as you want, you can also work as a work couple with a friend.

Take part in the Turntable’s volunteering work days

We organize several volunteering work days throughout the season, when we maintain and build the greenhouse, plant seeds and take care of the crops. At the regularly arranged, low threshold Urban Dinners (see also the calendar at the bottom of the page), there are often farm-related activities. Welcome!


At Turntable we also care for bees, make our own honey and design other products made from honey.

The bee group also has its own Facebook group here!

Event productions…

Turntable also organizes events every year, in which you can participate.

Check out the events »


If you want more information or access to the channels, you can take us !

You can also add yourself to the distribution with the attached form.

Sign up as a volunteer! (form)

Read more about volunteering on the website of Dodo ry. (bottom of the page for English)