The best way to get information about our events is our facebook page. Public events are also shown in our calendar at the bottom of the page.

Dodo ry and Turntable organize smaller and bigger events throughout the year. All events are free of charge. The purpose of the events is always to combine information, learning together and having fun.Welcome aboard!

Event ideas welcome! If you want to participate also as a volunteer or lend a helping hand for a few hours as an event assistant – check out more information here!


The best place to find information about the events of the 2023 season is our facebook page.

HarFest 9.9.2023

Welcome to celebrate the harvest feast and Growing Change project at the Turntable urban gardening center at Pasila’s old roundhouse, on Saturday 9th of September 12-22. The event is open for all and free of charge.

Growing Change is Dodo’s pilot project focusing on food systems, activism and taking action. It’s mainly aimed for people under 30 years old and consist of workshops, visits and other activities where the focus is in the questions of social justice, food systems, urban space and activism.
More info:

12-14 Open workshop harvesting, cooking and making decorations
14-21 Railyard vision exhibition
14-18 Bike Kitchen small bike repairs
14-15 Screen print workshop
14-18 Clothes swap
15-16:30 Debt for Climate workshop
15➜ DIY pizzeria
16:45-17:15 Tesito Project presentation
17-18 Screen print workshop

Honey from Turntable’s own bees for sale

15 Etanavalaat
16 Silent Fountain
17 Ciao Babes
18 Aatos Ketvel
19 Milloin
20 Lyyti
21 Yalla Collective

Greenhouse and outdoor stage built on top of the southern turntable at the end of Veturitallinkuja, at Pasila’s old locomotive garages. You can get there with a wheelchair, but we don’t have an official wheelchair toilet. Visitors are asked to note that the Turntable is a safe space where everyone can feel welcome. The state’s corona guidelines are followed, and the venue may be divided into separate stands. Accessibility information:

In cooperation with
Dodo ry, Debt for Climate and Pyöräpaja

Random events from previous years:


The season started last year with the Alakaupunki-festival the cultural excursions organized on May 13-14., on the same weekend, we will also work on the caterpillar work of the community farm (Urban Action dayz)

HarFest 10.9.2022

As the warm evenings get darker, we gather to spend time with workshops, panel discussions and music at the urban farming center Turntable.

HarFest is Dodo’s harvest festival, which annually ends the summer season of larger public events in Helsinki. This year is special because we are celebrating our 10th birthday at the Turntable! Good luck Turnie and everyone who has been involved in making it over the years! The harvest festival is open to everyone and free.

On the program
11 Ikebana Wanna Bee Art Workshop, Kreetta Järvenpä
12 Brazilian jujutsu, Henri Lindroos, Dojo ry
13 Free the 80% sensory retreat, Work for Earth
14 Decoration work party, Work for Earth
15 Tisseliworkshop, Ouna
16 Yoga with Maitsu, Maija Turunen
17 PANEL on winter unemployment in horticulture and agriculture. Pia Kuusiniemi, landscape architect and vice-president of the Green Environment Association and Kaisa Koskelin, gardener, hortologist and Ahlman Edu EU EPLUG project manager, are having a discussion. Moderated by Kasper Strömman.
For sale Honey from Turntable’s own bees

18 milkamilka
19 Selma ja Eero
20 Cyril Awakens
20:45 Betty Fvck
21 Ken Kuusk [EE]

Greenhouse and outdoor stage built on top of the southern turntable at the end of Veturitallinkuja, at Pasila’s old locomotive garages. You can get there with a wheelchair, but we don’t have an official wheelchair toilet. Visitors are asked to note that the Turntable is a safe space where everyone can feel welcome. The state’s corona guidelines are followed, and the venue may be divided into separate stands. Accessibility information:

Project manager Tea Auramo

In cooperation with
Dodo ry and Ruohonjuuri, Järvikylä, Ägräs, Taaki, Majvik garden, Skog Studio, Hörbs and the city of Helsinki.

Poster art: Lille Santanen

The best place to find information about the events of the 2019 season is our Facebook page.

HarFest 1.9.2018

Urban farming center Turntables traditional harvest festival in the dark evening of autumn. We enjoyed the delicacies of Pasila’s urban greenhouse harvest, a program and workshops related to sustainable food production, dancing and music until the night.

12-12:15 Welcoming words by Tehilah Auramo
12:15-14 Harvesting advice and seed picking workshop by Janne Löppönen
12:15-19 Tiny house vertical wall planting workshop by Eija Leinonen & Petri Kangassalo
13-15 Clay workshop by Mari Vaara (tickets sold at Holvi for 10€ for material purchases)
14-16 Runoilijan vastaanotto, impro poems by Vinski Valos
14-15 Kombutcha workshop by Sanna Ritvanen
14-14:30 Foodprint week by Anette Tuomainen, Oona Poutiainen and Ella Tolonen
14:30-14:45 Hedonistic food futures by Edith Keto
14:45-15 Poetry reading by Aino-Kaisa Huusko
15-18 Fermentation workshop by Andrea Gilly & Helén Marton (note also what to bring)
15-16 Meet the Dodo’s by several active members

16-17 Panel discussion in Finnish environmental law. Pykälä ry with Pasi Kallio (ympäristöjuristi, Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto),
Antti-Ilari Partanen (erikoistutkija, Ilmatieteenlaitos), Johanna Karimäki (Vihreät) and Antti Belinskij (tutkimusprofessori, Suomen Ympäristökeskus)

16-18 Tasting starts of sourdough bread by Michael Aston
17-17:30 Impro workshop by Sampo Pihlainen
17-17:30 Heat yoga by Jepa Pihlainen CANCELLED due to illness
17:30-19 Sauna ritual aka aufguss by Andrea Reuter
18-18:30 Sourdough bread workshop by Michael Aston
18-18:30 Global Ecovillage Network by Soile Koskinen
18:30-19 Reclaim the Fields Finland by Havu Laakso & Luisa-Claudia Sovijärvi

Garden gigs:
19-20 AINON
20-21 Organic Cotton Beat
21-22 Juurisähkö
22-23 Goodiepal & Pals DK
23-00 Tuomo Väänänen [Ljudverket]

00-02 The Goodiepal Equation documentary film by Sami Sänpäkkilä (1:10h)

Also at Veturitallit:
12-19 Open Studios: Hanne Juga, painter
12-21 Vegan restaurant with Edith Keto & Dodos

Zero-tolerance policy on harrashment.

Beats & Greens 3.-5.8.2018

A new colorful art festival at the beginning of August for culture-hungry city dwellers.

/// FRIDAY 3.8. //

OUTDOOR CINEMA at the Greenhouse terrace
16-18 Helsinki urban art tour
Film corner for kids:
18-18:13 Plastic Child (Carolin Koss)
18:15-19 Lauri Mäntyvaara’s thick eyelashes (Hannaleena Hauru) /ENG subtitles

20-21 Panel Discussion: Diversity in Finnish Cinema
21-22:15 Uneton48 Short Films
22:15-23:30 Feature film: Night Goes Long (Henri Huttunen, Vesa Kuosmanen)
23:30-01 Open screen: Bring your own short!

+popcorn, baked vegan sweets
+Sampokone vegan sweet and salty delicacies
-bring blankets!


12-16 Kotivara – family game
TBA MYÖS play date: DJ workshop for kids!
13-14 Endangered animal face paintings

14-16 Mari’s magical macramé hangers – workshop
2x pop up photo studios in the greenhouse:
13-15 BYOP studio
15-17 Body positivity studio
16-17 Restorative yoga

Music terrace:
17-17:45 OON kantele meditation
18-20 Nasiri & Són
20-22 Uusi Jazziklubi
22-00 Jaakko Eino Kalevi
00-02 DJ Casita
02-04 DJ Paula Koski

+16-21 Vegan restaurant with Edith Keto

Urban Action Spring 12.5.2018

Urban Action Spring is the whole city’s own workshop day at Pasila’s old locomotive garages. The program includes fun & educational programs, fun together and music until late at night. The big action event in May is also a great way to spend Mother’s Day with your own urban mother.

  • Zero Waste info & DIY deodorant workshop
    (Otso Sillanaukee)
  • Home growing of mushrooms
    (HelSieni workshop)
  • Cargo bike building workshop
    (Helsingin pyöräpaja)
  • Magical macramé -hanging basket workshop
  • Yoga class at Turntable
  • JooSoap – making eco-soap and household cleaning products from cooking fat!
  • Human waste recycle and business possibilities (presentation by Surendra Pradhan)
  • Recycling center: smart recycles
  • Tinkering in the greenhouse
    (by Coordinator of Turntable)
  • Mini house construction workshop and rainwater garden for butterflies (by Dodo urban planning group & InnoGreen)
  • Turntable planting projects
    (by Coordinator of Turntable)
  • HelSieni Swing Band: Friction
  • Dj night >> Oded Peled FI
  • Dodo’s legendary zero waste restaurant open all day!
  • Updated schedule in the FB event discussion!
    The day is organized by Dodo ry, urban environmental organization
    More information about volunteering at events:

Jane’s Walk – urban walks

Jane’s Walk urban walks allow you to meet other city dwellers and get to know the living environment. Walks open to everyone and free of charge, are more like walking conversations, where you meet new people, share your observations and experiences of the city. The concept is international and walks are organized around the world. The event is free and open to everyone.

Jane’s Walk 15.5.2018 5-7pm
Tripla site/ Pasila

What will tomorrow’s Pasila look like
* Note advance registration!

Meeting place: In front of project office Triplaamo, which can be reached on foot or by bicycle along the northern underpass of Pasila station. (From the underpass at the north end of the train platforms, you can also walk to, for example, Hartwall Arena and Haaga-Helia)

What will Pasila look like tomorrow? Welcome to Tripla’s construction site to get to know the construction project under the leadership of communications manager Heidi Kauppinen and the YIT team. Tripla is the center of trade, culture, business life and traffic – a three-block complex that includes a shopping center, apartments, a hotel, offices and a parking facility. The new Pasila station will also be part of Tripla.

Currently, the design of the tower area south of the Pasila bridge is also underway in Pasila. Architect-planner Dan Mollgren presents the Helsinki High-Rise project and its progress.

If you want to tune in to Pasila’s upcoming changes in advance, listen to Yle Areena’s episode of the Future of Everyday life series: Helsinki Pasila – a new kind of urban center

Max 50 people. Free entry. Advance registration via Eventbrite. Remember to cancel your place in time if for some reason you cannot attend.

Jane’s Walk 16.5.2018 5-7pm
“Pasila and the people of Pasila” – city walk

We especially get to know the street art sites, Rauha station and Dodo ry’s urban farming center.

Meeting place: Esterinkallio (in front of Alepa Pasilanraitio, Pasilanraitio 5)

On the second day of the city walk, the destination is today’s Pasila, the people of Pasila and alternative visions. Jalmari Sarla of the Pasila store introduces us to his favorite places. City Art Association Helsinki Urban Art’s Jaakko Blomberg takes us to the street art district of Pasila, the purpose of which is to be a place where new art is made all the time. The walk will end at the environmental organization Dodo’s Turntable with a presentation of the southern railway yard vision and a joint workshop.

Free entry. Advance registration is not necessary on the second day of the Facebook event.

Helsinki Day at Turntable 12th of June 2018

Come and spend a relaxed afternoon at the urban farming center of Pasila’s old locomotive depots and promote the area’s protection and living urban culture!

  • Perspectives on Helsinki’s urban planning in a panel discussion, where we consider the development of the southern railway yard of Keski-Pasila and the area of ​​the old locomotive depots
  • Tinkering
  • Urban farming
  • Climbing (Pasila bouldercenter Cave)
  • Vegetable waste food (by Turntable’s dodo cooks)
  • Music (Pegasos, Dj Della)
  • +more program coming soon!